• Automation
  • Easy and user friendly tool setup once, and automatically receive extracted report forever.
  • Intelligence
  • Plug in the data loader, you get the report telling you what's wrong and how to fix without even looking at the charts.
  • Customized
  • Easily configure how you want to use the data, for your best interests.



FDD - Fault Detection and Diagnostic

Automatic data collection: By installing a data collector box to the BAS network, GlobalMeter is able to scan for all BAS devices data and upload to GlobalMeter databaase in the Cloud.

Intelligent data categorization: The analysis system in the cloud will categorize the devices and points by using AI technology with little or none human intervention.

Fault detection and diagnostic: The analysis system in the cloud will use machine learning methods to automatically build up model to detect issues from the points' data. It provides the issue list and suggestions of potential fixes.

The benefits:

  • 5-10xROI(first year);2xROI(2+ years)

  • Increase HVAC related management time by 50%

  • Reduce complaints about HVAC by 40%

  • Reduce HVAC issue by 30%

  • Increase the durability of the equipment by 10%

Automatic Report Extraction

Easily extract relevant data from BMS/BAS database to generate report spreadsheet.

Support data transform including table join, pivot, filter etc.

Schedule automatic extraction, so setup once and no more clicking

Upload the report to cloud, easy to save and distribute, data is secure



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